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Help with Interviews: Coaching Session with Mock Interview – 2 Hr. Block $125


Registering for Coaching session on Structured/Panel Interviews

Product Description

COACHING SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE USING ZOOM.®  For help in getting ready for the Interview, (Structured Interview/Panel Interview) we offer a coaching session specifically designed for Interviews. The coaching format includes a “MOCK INTERVIEW” with raters and feedback on your performance.

Practice written scenario options are also available.

FYI: We use “mock” or simulated scenarios that try to replicate the most common promotional formats:

Assessment Centers: In-Basket, Subordinate Counseling (Role Play), Presentations, Meeting Management, Community or Citizen Meetings, Critical Incidents, Structured Interviews with Scenarios. Feedback is provided for each scenario. Rating structure is similar to those used in promotional exams.  2 hr. and 4 hr. blocks available. More upon request.  Includes “face to face” sessions with Zoom®.  If you have study partners, this technology allows us to have several people in a session.

Call or email to set up an appointment: 888-732-2173 (Please leave message)


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