San Diego -January 15, 2020 Mock Interview & Presentation Workshop


This is not a “lecture” format; it is a series of scenarios that candidates are likely to encounter in oral interview panels or if asked to do a “stand-up” presentation. The format is designed to replicate common questions/scenarios where the candidate (Student) is expected to respond or to actually “present” a topic to a group, such as a  briefing, training scenario or community meeting. The candidates, as much as possible depending on class size, will be able to receive valuable feedback on their performance. Ideally, this will help candidates prepare for their actual promotional process. You will win or lose a promotion by a slim margin. Our aim is to both help you prepare for the job itself in the short time we have, and to improve your chances to get that extra point or two that can make the difference.

Product Description

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 0900-1700 

  • Location: TBA
  • Note: Space is limited so act now to register!

We are one of the only courses nationally that uses “Mock” Assessment Center methods and “Mock” Panel Interviews to help candidates prepare for promotion. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Demonstrate your transferable skills and personal values and ethics during any panel interview, assessment center or any performance-based scenarios
  • Understand the interview rating and ranking system with feedback on your performance!
  • Link the (KSA’s) job dimensions of the new job from your previous related transferable experience(s) in any exercise.
  • Improve your Interview Skills – Class includes “Mock Interviews
  • Improve your Presentation or Meeting Management skills in “Mock” presentations. These may include briefings, training or community meetings.
If you have to participate in an upcoming panel interview, this may be your only opportunity to get some “hands – on” experience before your test date.


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