Module 1: Zoom® Promotional Preparation Overview. Note: This module is included if you select one of the other modules


Promotional preparation coaching sessions begins with Session 1, an overview of the assessment center and interview process. Importance of the KSA’s for the rank you are promoting to, and how to integrate them into the various scenarios. You’ll learn how raters rank candidates and what behaviors/actions will help your score. Each session includes a “Mock” scenario which is critiqued by a rater. Feedback included.



This can be a “Stand-alone” module, or used in conjunction with other modules. The prices include Module 1, for other sessions. For example, if you wanted Module 2 on Interviews,  Module 1 is included in the price for Module 2.  You’re only paying for one Module; Module 2. = $250

Call or email to sign up for more information about  coaching or classes.

Coaching Modules. You can select which one you would like to do, or you can do them all. They are arranged at a convenient time and day to accommodate your schedule.

  • Module 1-Overview of Assessment Centers,  KSA’s and Supervisory Skills    
  • Module 2: Structured Interviews
    • “Mock” Interview via Zoom.
    • Includes Module 1
  • Module 3: Ethics, Subordinate Counseling: includes “Mock” counseling session.
  • Includes Module 1
  • Module 4: Presentations and Tactical Scenarios; includes “Mock” presentations and tactical scenarios
  • Includes Module 1
  • Module 5: In-basket Exercise; includes “Mock” In-Basket
  • Includes Module 1


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