Assessment Center & Promotional Preparation Workshops

NEW: MOCK INTERVIEW & PRESENTATION WORKSHOP: SAN DIEGO, JANUARY 15, 2020, 0900-1700  *Assessment Center Scenarios Option for a second day session, January 16, 2020


SPACE IS ALWAYS LIMITED AS THESE ARE “HANDS ON” WORKSHOPS, SO ACT TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!                                                           

WORKSHOPS DESIGNED For First Line Supervision, Management or Executive levels in:

  • Corrections
  • Fire service
  • Highway Patrol
  • Police
Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Safety Leaders Today!

Is your agency helping you prepare for that next promotion? Identifying the specific KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills or Abilities) you need to demonstrate your “readiness” to promote? Helping you develop the leadership skills to be successful in that next rank or higher? If not, we will! We have a proven track record of helping develop future leaders, since 1990!                                 

Using “Mock” scenarios, the two day workshop includes:

    • Breakdown of key KSA’s needed for supervision and management positions
    • Structured Interviews
    • Assessment Center Exercises
    • Presentations
    • Subordinate Counseling/Personnel Issues
    • Community Meetings/Meeting management
    • Written Exercises
    • Tactical scenarios
    • Participants are given valuable feedback on performance

Workshops can include: Structured (Panel) Interviews, Role Play/Subordinate Counseling, conducting briefings/training, community meetings, leaderless group, In-Baskets and presentations. Tactical scenarios may be included. Practice Written Exams are available upon request. There is a minimum of a 30 day lead time for written exams as they are custom made for your organization.

Consider the class and expenses, an investment in your future!

 KSA Book Cover 3DThe text is available on line through Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Read the reviews about the book and the class and see what some of our “success stories” say…

 If you have to take an “Assessment Center” to promote, you need this class!

Try to find another course that conducts “hands on” training for candidates for police, fire or corrections promotionals. Most are classroom presentations.

This is a working class, using interactive “role play” scenarios used in assessment centers: Subordinate Counseling, In-Basket, Presentations, Meeting Management, as well as “structured (panel) interviews. Perhaps the most valuable lessons are those gained from the feedback about your performance and “readiness” levels. Course includes leadership development using Assessment Center methods and Structured Interviews for Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel

Note: Space in the classes are extremely limited. Also, we only do a few classes a year, so take advantage of this unique opportunity and register today!  Group rates are available for agencies, POA’s or simply small “study groups.” Early Bird pricing available for regular courses!

KSA Ltd. Training Tomorrows Public Safety Leaders since 1989                       

For those who must participate in either an “assessment center,” role play scenarios, oral presentations, structured interview panels, in-baskets, written components, accomplishment surveys or practical exercises… You need this class!         

Ready for the “Hot Seat?!” You won’t find another course like this. Our unique “hands-on” approach lets you experience common scenarios used in most assessment centers. It is not just a lecture or seminar. 

Since 1989,we are one of the few training programs in the US that actually holds workshops just for candidates. We cover each of the major exercises: Subordinate Counseling, Presentations, In-Basket and Leaderless Groups (Meeting management) We also include mock interviews on the first day.           

One day Group workshops for “Mock Interview Sessions” are available           

  •  For a free KSA worksheet for the rank you’re going for, send us a copy of the job description for that rank. Click here for a sample: KSA Worksheet                                                                                       
  •  Specify agency/rank/small group classes upon request
    KSA Ltd. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities  888-732-2173  assessmentcenterinfo@gmail.com
KSA Book Cover 3DCan’t get to a class? Get the book! Available on Amazon.com & Barnes & Noble!

About us: 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, Ltd., (est. 1989) is a unique training firm committed to helping candidates reach their goals by understanding the dynamic “Link” between “dimensions” and Job Performance! While we do help candidates prepare for promotions, our real focus is to help you develop your skills in order to be a great supervisor and manager!  If you don’t know what the “dimensions” are, and what the assessors are looking for, how can you possibly expect to do well on a promotional exam? If you don’t promote, you don’t get the opportunity to develop and grow as a supervisor or manager. More importantly, candidates often miss the reasons why they want to promote and fail to see the connection to their commitment to the organization.

More importantly, it’s not about the tests… it’s about whether or not you are ready to do the JOB!

The steps to first line supervision or to management can be challenging. The key to success is not in the preparation for a test or promotional process, but in developing the skills required in that new role as a supervisor or manager. Our workshops and texts help candidates see that connection and how they can practice and demonstrate those transferable skills on a daily basis, prior to any promotional process.

Our unique ability to zero in on the job dimensions or KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) and help you identify your own transferable skills, with accurate and sometimes direct but constructive feedback on areas to improve, has helped many candidates reach their goals.

Our success is only the successes of our candidates who go on to become great supervisors and leaders!

Since 1990, KSA Ltd., has helped hundreds of candidates nationally to “demystify” the promotional process; from interviews, resumes and assessment centers!  Just check out our Successes! tab to see someone you may know who was promoted after attending our course.

SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Check out some of the job descriptions that are posted. Keep in mind that each job description is a clue to just what it is that, a: raters are looking for and b: skill set that you already should be developing well before any promotional exam! There is a “self-assessment” ranking box in most of these, so you can see areas where you may need to improve some skills.

Note: Classes may be requested by agency/POA/DSA or group. Email us if you’re interested in a class. Classes are based on demand or by arrangement.

Take our Survey! What is your agency doing to help you prepare for promotion? Or for that matter, for the job itself? In other words, what is your agency doing to develop its future leaders?  Take this brief survey and add your own experience with the help you’ve received from your agency to help develop your leadership skills and to prepare for a supervisory or management promotion. Our position is that most agencies do not do much to help prepare their future leaders, if at all.  Compare your agency to the others in the survey. Q7We have been conducting an informal survey of what agencies do – or are not doing – to develop their future leaders (You!).  Once you’ve taken the survey, which only takes a minute, has no identifiers, (other than if you wish to include your agency which helps avoid redundancy), review the current results. You may want to share them with those who create your promotional exams or your career development programs.  The password is: assess
The link to take the survey is:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AssessmentCenterSurvey

PW: “assess”

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IF you have to compete in any oral interviews, “Police Promote,” with Andy Borrello will help you hit the mark!

Andy Borrello Police Promote | Oral Interview Dynamics     

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Rick Michelson, MPA       Director, KSA Ltd.

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