Want to be part of our success stories? Read what former students have to say about the courses, text or coaching sessions!

These are some of the comments students have made over the past few years after either reading the books or attending the workshops… Our students have consistently been in the top 10% if not within the top 3 on the list! Many are now successful supervisors and managers.

Classes have included firefighters, police and correctional candidates and federal agents,  from Arkansas, California, Louisiana -New Orleans, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Maine,  Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma,  Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia,  Main, Maryland, Massachusetts and Washington state.  Coaching sessions have included Nev. (Las Vegas), Wisconsin, Colorado, California, Massachusetts. Our books have also been sold in Canada, England and Germany.

You know they are going to ask you, “What have you done to prepare yourself for the job?”   It’s about the job skills, not your test taking abilities. We want you to be ready for the “job,” not just the test.  So, just what are you doing to do to prepare yourself for that new position?

For us, our “students” successes are what make this all worth-while! We are very proud of our “graduates” and enjoy sharing their stories.  Here are some comments from some our former “students.”


Recent comment about Ricks article in PoliceOne:

I just finished reading the recent PoliceOne article titled “How to survive your first 100 days as a Sergeant.” I would like to thank you for taking the time to write the article. All of the tips and advice were excellent! Although I am not a new sergeant, I tried to read your article through the lens of a new sergeant. There are several pieces of advice that I will make the time to build into my schedule. Thanks again and take care.

Sergeant F. Parker

Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office

Coaching sessions:

“Our agency had been stagnant and promotional opportunities had been extremely limited.  I had been a sergeant for 12 years – not by choice!  We then made a decision to expand our facility, which required additional lieutenant positions.  Since I hadn’t been through a full assessment center in years, I became more concerned about the process, as opposed to the content.  As I began preparing for the process, I saw that a KSA Assessment Center class was coming to my town, and I quickly enrolled.  This course was exactly what I needed!  The exercises and role playing showed me what I was missing, but got me ready for the process.  I was promoted to lieutenant, and eventually to captain.  Thanks for putting together such a relevant course. DS, Henderson, NV. “

“I learned that I had passed my multiple choice written exam and would be moving onto the Lieutenant Assessment Center. After finishing the writing sample of the assessment I began to focus on our Tactical Scenario and In-Basket assessments. Due to some schedule changes, the Lieutenants that I had planned to work with would be out of town for a month and not available to mentor me. I began searching online and came across Andy Borello who does preparation for the oral interviews. Andy recognized that I would be better suited working with his friend Rick Michelson and directed me to him. I was not disappointed, Rick took the time to review the job responsibilities of my department and put together a KSA score sheet based on my agency. I then purchased his coaching program, and that is where I began to make progress! Not only did the exercises and scenarios prep me, but they also made me recognize areas of critical importance if I were to fill this position in the future. I went from being very scattered in my responses to being focused and addressing things as a Command Officer. I wish that I would’ve had more time to work with Rick, but even then, I was able to place second on the promotion list. I highly recommend Rick for those who are willing to put in the hard work, and are looking to promote so that they can do better for their officers, department, community and our profession!”   Sgt. Eranda .P.  Denver, Colorado

Update! We are pleased to congratulate Eranda for being promoted to Lieutenant on 12/4/2020.  He wrote: “Thank you for all your help Rick!  You were instrumental in this! Please keep doing what you do and help the each generation to be better and better!!!”

“Rick and Jeff  (Jeff Pierce, Lt., Phoenix, PD) were a great resource in helping me not only score #1 out of eight applicants for promotion but I also scored 5% higher than the next highest candidate. I’ve attended Rick’s course in person years ago and read his book cover to cover, which was informative and gave me an edge. The information helped me interview and  made me a better leader by teaching me to think globally. When I informed Rick and Jeff I had a pending interview, they impressed me with their coaching on short notice and they were like a good corner man rightfully telling me how I got this interview licked. Many thanks, guys!” Aaron Wong, San Bruno PD.

“Rick and has team were instrumental in getting me to a promotable range for the Lt. assessment center in a major city in the Midwest. He answered all emails, and his coaching was invaluable for breaking down the assessment center process. He gives you the KSA’s, measurables, and assessment competency points in a easily digestible, readily useable format. I highly recommend Rick and his team if you’re looking to be in the promotable range on your next examination process.” J.W.

“Rick & Bob (Bob Shannon, Ret. LVF&R) ! I ended up placing #1 overall, thank you for your assistance with this process…” (For Battalion Chief) Nev.

Comments about the book: Assessment Centers for Public Safety

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  • I read this book before attending Richard Michelson‘s assessment center class and was glad I did so. The book really tied in with his class and I finished the book and class with confidence knowing that I will stand out from other candidates in my assessment center. For example, the book gives you key points of how to interview a subordinate in an assessment center scenario. It lays out what you need to do and what’s expected of you so you can hit all the points for the best outcome. Michelson’s principles not only work in a scenario but are what you need to do in real life to be an effective leader. The book also gives you valuable strategies on how to successfully complete an in-basket exercise. For anyone who’s tried this, you know it’s a stressful and complicated process; however, Michelson breaks down the process and gives you a map on how to complete the exercise with minimum frustration. You will also set yourself apart from others who may try to complete everything in the exercise (haphazardly) when it’s simply not possible. This book should be required reading for any one who is seriously aspiring to get promoted. Just because you have a decade or more experience does not necessarily mean you will be successful in an assessment center and being “book smart” is not enough. This book gives you strategies to be successful in the assessment center and what the raters need to hear you say and do to give you their maximum score. I bought and studied your book because I couldn’t attend the class. To the say the least, 11 police officers partook in assessment center testing for the Sergeant position. 5 passed the test and I was #1 by a far margin. I just got promoted to Sgt! The book was on point. – Respectfully. Sgt Matafanua “Nua” Lualemaga #2162, East Palo Alto Police Department Patrol Division

This is the best book I’ve read on the Assessment Center process. It helped me come out Number One on the (Sergeants) promotional list! Thanks! TC (CA)

Comments from our classes:
  1. (Did the class help you?) “Absolutely!!! I used the KSA’s everytime and drew on past experiences as FTO & TAC (Cadre) at the Academy.” “I came out #3 on the list overall.” By Steve S. Las Vegas
  2. Richard Michelson’s … years of experience in Law Enforcement, and numerous years running assessment centers himself is a rare insight into the process and makes the process less daunting. Read the book, be prepared and know you will do well!   
  3. Mr. Michelson I wanted to let you know that I was promoted to sergeant of police as of today. Your training was key to succeeding in the testing process.  I want to thank you and my fellow peers in the San Diego class, their participation and input was invaluable.
    Jason Castillo, Arroyo Grande Police Department 
  4.  I just wanted to say thank you for the course in San Diego. It opened my eyes and I learned a lot!   J. Saunders, Henderson NV.
  5. I attended your assessment training in Las Vegas, NV … I  am proud to inform you that I was promoted to Captain. After the final list, I was ranked #1.   Thanks for your assistance in making this possible.  – Pamela Jones, Metropolitan Police Department Washington, D.C.
  6. Our department had a Corporal/Sergeant Assessment Center in late November.    I tested out #1 on the Corporal list and was promoted to Corporal in December 2013.  I also placed #4 on the Sgt’s list (behind the officers who had previously promoted to Corporal and had experience in the position) and have a really good chance of being promoted to Sgt over the next two years with expected department attrition. I believe your class really helped in preparing me for the testing process and provided me with a foundation to remain calm, organize my thoughts, think clearly through the scenarios and score well in the test.  I appreciate all of the assistance and input both you and DT (David Toliver) provided in the course.  – Ryan Raulerson Issaquah, WA
  7. Just wanted to let you know that all the information I got from your workshop in San Diego paid off big!  Our department changed assessment companies and this was the first time that we ever had an Oral interview in one of our assessment centers.  Out of 7 people I am the only one that passed the assessment center and will be promoted to Fire Capt. in the next few days.  I believe that I wouldn’t have scored as high had I not taken your class..   A word of advice to other students…  Pay attention to details in class and volunteer for scenarios.  It will pay off big.  Thanks  – Capt David Davis, Richardson Fire Dept, TX
  8. I will forward the info to our training unit for distribution.  Your stuff worked, because I was promoted to Captain in the beginning of this year. Thanks – Captain Rick Armendariz, Modesto PD
  9.  I came out to one of your workshops in Dublin CA. I just wanted to let you know that I made the top of the battalion chiefs promotion list and I will be promoted on 11/18/13. The assessment center was tough. I used what I had learned from your workshop to get through it and achieve the top score. I just wanted to say thanks. Lieutenant Tim Rice Collierville Fire & Rescue, Collierville, Tennessee
  10. Thanks for your support in this process.  I came out # 1!  Your course and willingness to assist me with your information via e-mail definitely had a positive impact!! As, I stated before the test, I will definitely share your name/company with anyone I know going through an assessment center process! – Sincerely, George Phifer (Piedmont Police Department)
  11. Det. Derrick Metzger and I took your class a few months ago (at Alameda SO).  I just want you to know that we both took the sergeants promotional test.  I ranked #1 and Derrick ranked #2 out of 28 candidates. Thank you Rick!  This was the best investment of my time and money! -Detective Jim Kang Elk Grove PD
  12. Just wanted to say thank you. Prior to taking your class, I had previously tested for Sergeant and placed 17th on the hiring list. I flew to Las Vegas in February and after completing your class I placed 2nd on the promotional list. I was promoted in June. Your scenario based class was right on the mark. The scenarios we faced in the Assessment Center were just like your class. There have been at least 6 people promoted in our agency that have gone through class. There is another promotional opportunity coming up and I have recommended your class to everyone I have talked with. Thanks again – Sgt. Scott Steward San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department
  13. I wanted to let you know that I came out #1 (of 12) on the Hayward PD Lieutenants exam last month. The guy who took your classes with me came out #4 (out of 23 or so) on the sergeants list. …I believe I have put myself in a good position to be promoted sometime soon. I give a lot of credit to your classes and personal advice for helping me achieve that goal. Thanks again! – -Jeff S.
  14. Yesenia ( Lt. candidate also promoted!) and I both learned so much in your class this weekend. Thank you for your generosity in offering the class to both of us. I have thanked Commander Kennedy and shared with her what a great class this is. I hope we are able to host this class again soon. I will let you know when we are preparing for another promotional exam. You most certainly will see us again for the refresher and I’ll be spreading the word about your class and your book. Thank you – Cheri Nobriga, Sergeant, #1355 Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Santa Rita Jail
  15. Thanks again for going ahead with the class in Oakland. Your program is superior to any that I have participated in before. I am passing on these leadership skills to my crew. Could you send me any exercises that are “fire specific”? I want to get in as much practice as I can. I want to thank you and Amy for your efforts to improve leadership in the emergency services. – H. Rice Lieutenant/Paramedic Engine 82-A Collierville Fire & Rescue (Tenn) 
  16. I attended your training in Las Vegas in February last year. I Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know the results of promotional testing I went through in July. On the assessment portion I scored 82.52 percent. Overall, out of 30 people testing, I ranked 2nd and I was promoted to Sergeant in November. Thanks for the class. I’m sure that what I learned helped. – Sgt. Erik VanHorn Broken Arrow Police Department 
  17. Following your Assessment Center seminar, which I attended at the Columbus, OH location in April,  I took the AC exam for Lieutenant for the Galion (Ohio) Police Department on May 22.  After waiting for the scores to be posted and allowing time for any of the other candidates to contest the exam, I scored #1 out of a total of five candidates.    I have just completed my first week in my new position as Lt. and just wanted to take the time to thank you and Tom Conlin.  The two of you put such a personal touch to the training seminar and really broke things down to give us the edge.  It was really neat to see how the training started to kick in during the actual AC exam.  I think the tip on (slight) humor also paid off, as I had the panel laughing at one point during the leaderless group exercise.  I will definitely tell others of your seminar, and I also plan on recommending it to my subordinates as part of their professional development training. Thanks again, Lt. Marc Rodriguez
  18. They just announced the results of the assessment center this morning. I came out #1 out of 10!  I could not have done that w/o you and Amy’s (Amy Mitchell) help. Your class was just what I needed to put me over the top. Thanks again and I will tell everyone I know that is testing in the future to take your workshop if they want to succeed. I have my chief’s interview this afternoon but wanted to drop you a note and let you know the results. Thanks again, Dave L. Hayward PD (For Lt!)
  19. Thank you very much for having your class, even when there was only five students.  I personally wanted to thank you, as I know this was a sacrifice for you and took your time.  I appreciate you and Amy for a wonderful presentation, especially the fact you were both candid and truthful in your analysis of all the students.  I know you probably did not make any money from this as far as the amount of students in your class, but your professionalism, and love for your work had shown many times over to me.  Whether I get promoted to Lieutenant this time around or perhaps in the future, I will always have your class and knowledge to take back with me for myself, and for my subordinates.  I need to study and absorb the material as I am always looking for suggestions and better ways to better myself and my organization. (Note: Christine was promoted to Lt.!, along with several others who had attended the class) Thank you again for your time and your teachings. Respectfully, Christine H. San Diego Sheriff’s
  20. Rick and Amy…. The preparation you did for us was right on the money. (For Lt.) – Thanks, Russ Moore, SDSO
  21. CHIEF POSITION:  Rick and Amy!  I came out number 1 on the assessment center for the Chief’s job and am now the new Chief of Malden Massachusetts! Thanks for all the help and a great class! = Jim Holland 
  22. I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your outstanding instruction during the promotional workshop I took in February.  The techniques I learned in the seminar and the assistance you provided with my resume after the seminar helped me finish in the first rank.  I am so happy that your seminar was recommended to me and I continue to recommend it to others who are considering the testing process.  Keep up the good work! Thank you, Chuck Jordan San Luis Obispo CHP  
  23. Well , we all just completed the lieutenants assessment and I was able to pull off the #1 position. I used the 3 minute opener exactly as outlined in class and i used a visual resume to link my experience to the duties and skills sets. I will recommend your class to anyone interested in promoting. Thank you for the candid feedback. It proved well worth the money. – SGT. Jim Creekmoore (Now Lt.) San Pablo Police Dept.
  24. Rick, I just got promoted to Fire Captain, thanks to you and Amy! – Bob Shannon, Las Vegas Fire Dept.
  25. I took your assessment center (class)  in San Diego in February.  Well, I wanted to let you know that I came out #1 out of 17 and got promoted to Sergeant on Monday –  Thanks Derek, Mendocino County Sheriff’s
  26. Rick, you and your team really put together a awesome preparation class, now I know why you came so highly recommended, the class was great!  Thank you for taking the time and sharing so much valuable information, I know that I am going to do a better job now, since I have attended your class. (RS, Clark County Fire – BC Candidate)
  27. Just wanted to let you know that I was promoted to Lieutenant yesterday…  You have helped us to succeed as well as other members at the Vallejo Police Department.  Through your KSA program you have helped me promote to Corporal, Sergeant and now Lieutenant.  I am currently assigned as the Operations Manager at the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force.  Keep up the good work.  – Thanks, Lt. Ken Weaver (Retired as a Capt.)
  28. I’m waiting for our captain’s list to come out. It should be within the next two weeks or so. Your presentation was very helpful. Gave specific information on how to best handle employee situations. I was able to use it to help me through several questions…Again, thanks. – GTV, Lieutenant (LAPD) 
  29. Just finished the assessment center— In-Basket, Leaderless, and Employee Counseling– just as you predicted.   Your class prepared me to excel in this process. I found all the exercises easy and was not intimidated in the least.  Your class over prepared me.   I was very confident going in and more so now that I’m done. Thanks – Russ Moore, San Diego Sheriff’s for Lt.
  30. Just a quick note regarding the SDSD Lieutenants’ exam. The assessment went well,   I thought. The training was right on target. We had a leaderless group, an in basket and a subordinate counseling, the exact same things we did and discussed in the class. Rose and I both thought it was helpful. I think Russ thought so too… I was very comfortable with the whole thing because of the class. Thank you. – Sheila Porter 
  31. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for your insight and great instruction. I felt the class prepared me for the Sheriff’s Lt’s Assessment Center. I wasn’t nervous at all and felt I gave it my best shot!!! I will let you know how it all turns out. Thanks again, (Rose was promoted to Lt.) Rose Karupas (SDSD) 
  32. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!  I took your KSA Assessment class at NLVPD on 3-26-06. I also read the book you authored, thoroughly. Between the book and the class, I was more than prepared- I was confident. You gave me the “edge,” the extra little push that I needed to take me to the top. From your class, I remember you saying, “picture story”, “quote an author”, “sell yourself”, “if you don’t say it, they won’t know it”, and tons of acronyms! (to help you remember) They all helped and I used them all! In fact- when all was said and done- I scored in the 90’s and I was #1 on the Lieutenants Promotional List. Thank you so much for all you do!! = Lt. Tiffany L. Morey
  33. If you are serious about preparing for your future, read all you can about the process, the methodology and more importantly, what the skills are that successful supervisors and managers need to succeed today! – Former Deputy Chief! (Nevada)
  34. As of 10-21, it will be LIEUTENANT ! Thanks again for all of your help. It made a difference!” (So. CA)
  35. “Just a note to let you know that I am being promoted to Sgt.! Again, thanks for all your help!” (Northern CA)
  36. I didn’t have a clue as to what to prepare for until I took your class. I came out in the top position for Police Lieutenant. Thanks for the help! (Nevada)
  37. Thanks! I came out no. #1 for Police Captain! (LVMPD -Nevada)
  38. Thanks for taking the time to work with me on a Saturday. You made the difference and I got promoted! Thanks… (Officer, who made Sgt., then made Lt!) (LVMPD -Nevada)
  39. Thanks for helping me promote to Sergeant. The workshop and book helped me tremendously! It was worth every penny! (CA)
  40. Your book and workshop helped me make Fire Captain! Thanks (Texas)
  41. You helped me promote to Battalion Chief! The book and class were very helpful! Thanks..! (CA)

Remember; don’t look for “tips and tricks” to just help you “pass” the tests. Try instead to build your skills as a strong supervisor or manager, using the daily experiences that are presented to you, FREE, every working day! These experiences will make the true difference between success or not!