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Ask yourself this question: What is your agency doing to help you prepare for promotion? Or for that matter, for the job itself? In other words, what is your agency doing to develop its future leaders?  What help have you received from your agency to help develop your leadership skills and to prepare for a supervisory or management job, not just the promotional process.  Our position is that most agencies do not do much to help prepare their future leaders, if at all. 

With COVID-19 still a threat, we are offering Private COACHING SESSIONS AVAILABLE USING ZOOM®.       

Learn how to “ACE!” your promotional exams, using “Mock” Assessment Center or Structured/Panel Interview scenarios.

Coaching sessions and workshops designed for First Line Supervision, Management or Executive levels for:
  • Corrections

  • Fire service

  • Highway Patrol

  • Police

Individual coaching sessions or small group sessions are available. Workshop Class sizes are small by design to allow participants to “practice” various exercises, with feedback.
Don’t Wait! Register for your coaching session today! That includes study material and one-to one contact via “Zoom.” It also covers a 4 hour minimum for the coaching session. That is generally done in two sessions, with the last session being a “mock” interview,  or assessment center exercise that you choose. Session are usually about 2 hrs. each.  Just register on-line and we will contact you to help you prepare not only for the promotional exams, but more importantly, for the JOB!

For Police, Corrections and Fire Service!  Module 1 and one other module you choose, are part of the first session

  • Module 1-Overview of KSA’s and Supervisory Skills
  • Module 2: Structured Interviews; includes “Mock” Interview via Zoom.
  • Module 3: Subordinate Counseling: includes “Mock” counseling session.
  • Module 4: Presentations and Tactical Scenarios; includes “Mock” presentations and tactical scenarios.
  • Module 5: In-basket Exercise; includes “Mock” In-Basket

Here’s some comments from some of our classes and  coaching sessions:    

Our agency had been stagnant and promotional opportunities had been extremely limited.  I had been a sergeant for 12 years – not by choice!  We then made a decision to expand our facility, which required additional lieutenant positions.  Since I hadn’t been through a full assessment center in years, I became more concerned about the process, as opposed to the content.  As I began preparing for the process, I saw that a KSA Assessment Center class was coming to my town, and I quickly enrolled.  This course was exactly what I needed!  The exercises and role playing showed me what I was missing, but got me ready for the process.  I was promoted to lieutenant, and eventually to captain.  Thanks for putting together such a relevant course. Damon Smith, Henderson, NV. 

I learned that I had passed my multiple choice written exam and would be moving onto the Lieutenant Assessment Center. After finishing the writing sample of the assessment I began to focus on our Tactical Scenario and In-Basket assessments. Due to some schedule changes, the Lieutenants that I had planned to work with would be out of town for a month and not available to mentor me. I began searching online and came across Andy Borello who does preparation for the oral interviews. Andy recognized that I would be better suited working with his friend Rick Michelson and directed me to him. I was not disappointed, Rick took the time to review the job responsibilities of my department and put together a KSA score sheet based on my agency. I then purchased his coaching program, and that is where I began to make progress! Not only did the exercises and scenarios prep me, but they also made me recognize areas of critical importance if I were to fill this position in the future. I went from being very scattered in my responses to being focused and addressing things as a Command Officer. I wish that I would’ve had more time to work with Rick, but even then, I was able to place second on the promotion list. I highly recommend Rick for those who are willing to put in the hard work, and are looking to promote so that they can do better for their officers, department, community and our profession!

-Sgt. P

“Rick and Jeff  (Jeff Pierce, Lt., Phoenix, PD) were a great resource in helping me not only score #1 out of eight applicants for promotion but I also scored 5% higher than the next highest candidate. I’ve attended Rick’s course in person years ago and read his book cover to cover, which was informative and gave me an edge. The information helped me interview and  made me a better leader by teaching me to think globally. When I informed Rick and Jeff I had a pending interview, they impressed me with their coaching on short notice and they were like a good corner man rightfully telling me how I got this interview licked. Many thanks, guys!” Aaron Wong, San Bruno PD.

“Rick and has team were instrumental in getting me to a promotable range for the Lt. assessment center in a major city in the Midwest. He answered all emails, and his coaching was invaluable for breaking down the assessment center process. He gives you the KSA’s, measurables, and assessment competency points in a easily digestible, readily useable format. I highly recommend Rick and his team if you’re looking to be in the promotable range on your next examination process.” J.W.

“Rick & Bob! I ended up placing #1 overall, thank you for your assistance with this process…” (For Battalion Chief) Nev.

See our “Testimonials” for more success stories!


For help in getting ready for the promotional process, regardless of the format or process, we can help!                      

Is your agency helping you prepare for that next promotion? Identifying the specific KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills or Abilities) you need to demonstrate your “readiness” to promote? Helping you develop the leadership skills to be successful in that next rank or higher? If not, we will! We have a proven track record of helping develop future leaders, since 1990!     

  • Consider the coaching, class or text as an investment in your future.

Using “Mock” scenarios, the coaching session includes those areas that the candidate wishes to focus on. These include:

  • Breakdown of key KSA’s needed for supervision and management positions
  • Structured Interviews
  • Assessment Center Exercises
  • Presentations
  • Subordinate Counseling/Personnel Issues
  • Community Meetings/Meeting management
  • Written Exercises
  • Tactical scenarios
  • Participants are given valuable feedback on performance

 Practice Written Exams are available upon request. There is a minimum of a 30 day lead time for written exams as they are custom made for your organization.

We use “mock” or simulated scenarios that try to replicate the most common promotional formats:

Assessment Centers: In-Basket, Subordinate Counseling (Role Play), Presentations, Meeting Management, Community or Citizen Meetings, Critical Incidents, Structured Interviews with Scenarios. Feedback is provided for each scenario. Rating structure is similar to those used in promotional exams. 2 and 4 hr. sessions available. Longer sessions are by arrangement. Includes “face to face” sessions with Zoom.  If you have study partners, this technology allows us to have several people in a session.

  • Notice: Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, and mandatory “Shut-downs” of business, groups, travel, etc., classes are by arrangement with a small group or “on-line” via Zoom, until further developments are announced
  • Coaching is also available via Zoom or in person, with COVID-19 restrictions
  • In the meantime, we are here to answer any questions you may have about either the structured interview or assessment center process.
  • The text, “Assessment Centers for Public Safety” is still available on line through Amazon.

 From a training perspective, consider the new challenges in supervision and management that we are facing.

We realize the seriousness of this Global Pandemic, and the current levels of  civil disobedience  & social unrest, and wish all of our colleagues in public safety our heartfelt gratitude for doing the noble work you do everyday, regardless of the risks.

  •  Written test preparation and sample scenarios available


  • Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Safety Leaders Today!
  • How much will the promotion in rank increase your “Upward Mobility?
  • Your “Retirement?”
  • This is a working class, using interactive “role play” scenarios used in assessment centers
  • If you have to take an Assessment Center, Structured Interviews or Presentations, to promote, you need this class!

Here’s a challenge for you: Try to find another course that conducts “hands-on,” “mock workshops” for assessment center exercises, such as in-baskets, subordinate counseling/role play, presentations, including briefings or training a unit? The structured mock interview scenarios are “live,” with feedback to candidates on their performance. Presentations may include role play with “briefings,” “Community meetings,” “Training sessions,” and “Tactical Scenarios/Simulations,” for fire service, law enforcement or corrections promotional exams.

Perhaps the most valuable lessons are those gained from the feedback about your performance and “readiness” levels. Course includes leadership development using Assessment Center methods and Structured Interviews for Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel

Note: If possible, we will continue to do classes with small groups. Space in the classes are extremely limited. Also, we only do a few classes a year. If we have a class posted,  take advantage of this unique opportunity and register ASAP!  Group rates are available for agencies, POA’s or simply small “study groups.

 Ready for the “Hot Seat?!” Our unique “hands-on” approach lets you experience common scenarios used in most assessment centers. It is not just a lecture or seminar. 

Since 1989,we are one of the few training programs in the US that actually holds workshops just for candidates.

We cover each of the major exercises: Subordinate Counseling, Presentations, In-Basket and Leaderless Groups (Meeting management) We also include mock interviews.           

One day Group workshops for “Mock Interview Sessions” are available, as well as the Coaching Session.           

  •  For a free KSA worksheet for the rank you’re going for, send us a copy of the job description for that rank. Click here for a sample: KSA Worksheet                                                                                       
  •  Specify agency/rank/small group classes upon request
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