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Rick Michelson, MPA, Director of KSA Ltd.  888-732-2173  assessmentcenterinfo@gmail.com
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We were pleased to be part of a Webinar hosted by PoliceOne, July 22, 2021. Rick Michelson, Director of KSA Ltd., and Andy Borello (PolicePomote!), were presenters in, “Advancing your rank: Promotional interview & assessment center testing tips.”

Rick and Andy have taught thousands of law enforcement professionals and helped them better prepare and be more competitive in their promotional testing efforts. The presentation focused on assessment center testing and promotional oral interview dynamics.  They offered insider tips and valuable insights to make your testing performance competitive and successful.

After viewing the webinar,  you will have the tools to:

Rick is also a contributing author to PoliceOne. Copies of his articles are available here: Rick Michelson, MPA (police1.com)
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Don’t have time for coaching sessions? Buy the book! 

For Police, Fire and Corrections 

Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel

Business/Corporate applications also available

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It’s your turn to advance in rank!

Sign up today for your personal coaching sessions!

Was your New Year’s Resolution to get ready for the upcoming promotional exams? Start here to get help with personal coaching sessions that will include every aspect of the promotional process.

We use “Mock” Assessment Center or Structured Panel Interview scenarios, scheduled at your convenience and via “Zoom.” 

Don’t Wait! Your Competition Won’t! 

If you are on a time crunch and need help fast, we can help!

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With COVID-19 still a threat, we are offering private individual or small group Coaching Sessions using Zoom®
Small group workshops are still available at your location

Coaching sessions and workshops designed for First Line Supervision, Management or Executive levels for:

  • Corrections/local, state or federal
  • Fire service/EMS
  • Police/sheriff’s, Highway Patrol, correctionas, courts or any public safety positions.
  • Federal agents 
  • Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel; dispatch supervisors, records management, forensics, etc.
Module 1 and one other module you choose.  You can also choose more than one module. Each module is $250. Module 1 is included with any of the modules. 

We use “mock” or simulated scenarios that try to replicate the most common promotional formats

  • Module 1-Overview of KSA’s and Supervisory Skills
  • Module 2: Structured Interviews; includes “Mock” Interview via Zoom.
  • Module 3: Subordinate Counseling: includes “Mock” counseling session.
  • Module 4: Presentations and Tactical Scenarios; includes “Mock” presentations and tactical scenarios.
  • Module 5: In-basket Exercise; includes “Mock” In-Basket

Using “Mock” scenarios, the coaching session includes those areas that the candidate wishes to focus on. These include:

  • Breakdown of key KSA’s needed for supervision and management positions
  • Structured Interviews
  • Assessment Center Exercises
  • Presentations
  • Subordinate Counseling/Personnel Issues
  • Community Meetings/Meeting management
  • Written Exercises
  • Tactical scenarios
  • Participants are given valuable feedback on performance
Don’t Wait! Register for your coaching session today! That includes study material and one-to one contact via “Zoom.” It also covers a 4 hour minimum for the coaching session. That is generally done in two sessions, with the last session being a “mock” interview,  or assessment center exercise that you choose. Sessions are usually about 2 hrs. each for set up, and another 2 hrs. for the actual mock exercises and feedback. Just register on-line and we will contact you to help you prepare not only for the promotional exams, but more importantly, for the JOB!Image result for Free Decorative Page Break Clip Art Ask yourself this question: How much will the promotion in rank or  increase your “Upward Mobility?” Your “Retirement?”  Options after your “retirement?” 

Is your agency helping you prepare for that next promotion? Identifying the specific KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills or Abilities) you need to demonstrate your “readiness” to promote? Helping you develop the leadership skills to be successful in that next rank or higher? If not, we will! We have a proven track record of helping develop future leaders, since 1990!  

Consider the coaching, class or text as an investment in your future. (Classes are postponed until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)

 Practice Written Exams are available upon request. There is a minimum of a 30 day lead time for written exams as they are custom made for your organization.Image result for Free Decorative Page Break Clip Art From a training perspective, consider the new challenges in supervision and management that we are facing today. Our scenarios are always based on current “hot buttons” not only in public safety, but in your agency as well. 

We realize the seriousness of this Global Pandemic, the current levels of  civil disobedience, social unrest and anti-police attitudes. We wish all of our colleagues in public safety our heartfelt gratitude for doing the noble work you do everyday, regardless of the risks.Image result for Free Decorative Page Break Clip Art For a free KSA worksheet for the rank you’re going for, send us a copy of the job description for that rank. Specify agency/rank/small group classes upon request

Click here for a sample: KSA Worksheet    

See our Testimonials to see what our students have said about the class or coaching.

KSA Ltd. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities  888-732-2173  assessmentcenterinfo@gmail.com 

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For Interviews – Recommended Link: 

IF you have to compete in any oral interviews, “Police Promote,” with Andy Borrello will help you hit the mark!

Andy Borrello Police Promote | Oral Interview Dynamics     

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 assessmentcenterinfo@gmail.com or call 888-732-2173

Rick Michelson, MPA       Director, KSA Ltd.

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