Sample KSA Worksheet for Lieutenant: Basic

This is a supplemental form designed to help you focus on identifying key job knowledge, skills and abilities of a Lt.  Answer the question “I have demonstrated this dimension in the following manner: for each KSA outlined. Try to give an example of a documentable success story that you did that demonstrates the particular issue. Think in terms of things that you did to accomplish projects, tackling problems, managing a group or unit, etc. What did you organize, initiate, write, plan, budget, direct, etc., keeping in mind this simple shift: Think as a Lt., not as a Sgt!. You don’t merely want to tell them what a great Sgt. you are, but what a great Lt. you’ll be because you’ve already mastered or demonstrated/ADAPTED those same skills (transferable) from Sgt. to a Lt.  Keep in mind that those who are rating you are at least one or two ranks above you – so the more you can address the larger perspective from a management or executive level position, the better…

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 Communicates Departmental vision and goals to others with enthusiasm and passion to support Department mission; exemplifies Department values; and generates the confidence and trust of others.

For example, you may write something like: “I have demonstrated this dimension in the following manner…let me give you a scenario that I faced, and what I did to resolve it…” (Giving an example, a success story, that reflects your competency in this dimension, i.e., to show the ability that is required as a Lt.) In effect, how have you been able to do this that can be quantifiable?

Remember, (we’ll remind you…) to link these KSA’s to a “success story,” where you were able to demonstrate this. Imagine your interview or scenario is to present yourself to your new unit, and role play yourself as the new Lt., and this is your first appearance before them. Will you be able to communicate the above statement with your expectations, your mission, your vision as well as the Departments? You should be able to give a story, a link, an example, etc. of each KSA. In effect, you’re saying you’re ready for the role of LT., and not get caught in the trap of telling them what a great officer or Sergeant you were. Try to push yourself up to that next level of a management perspective, and not that of a first line supervisor.

Begin worksheet below. Start to write in your responses as to how you’ve successfully demonstrated the specific skills (KSA’s) for each topic. Remember your role is shifting to a manager vs. as first line supervisor. Think and write your responses appropriately. This is for your eyes only! Think of a success story to match your experience. How did you manage the goal, the group or the project? How did you know if it was a success or not? How did you evaluate whether or not it was a success? You may share what you wish in the class, but it is for you to help polish your own “presentation” during the assessment exercises, and more importantly, to help you focus on those areas you need to improve in to make you a better Lieutenant! You should bring it to the class, but it is still “yours” to use as you wish. RM

For each subject check the rating that you feel most accurately reflects your readiness as a Lt. to demonstrate a particular KSA. This is a very basic job description of a Lt’s KSA’s. 

1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5 Sample Rating box


I have demonstrated these KSA’s as follows:
      Dimension: Ability to deploy personnel effectively and allocate resources as needed in critical incidents. 

Your story that demonstrates this particular KSA – tie it together, link it to the dimension as closely as possible.

A. Know your Audience (Remember who you are talking to! And Stay in the ROLE/RANK!) Keep in mind that you must project the role/image of a Lieutenant, as you are presenting to a series of raters who are most likely Captains, Commanders, Majors, Assistant/Deputy Chiefs, or even Chiefs. Consider: How would a good Captain, or higher, “Rate” you now as a Lt.? What areas would you want to improve? This worksheet may help you answer some of those questions. 

B. Make it Believable – Let them see your personality, your judgment, decision making abilities,

C. Demonstrate your Character:As a LIEUTENANT, effective deployment is a critical component of the job. Let me tell you how I demonstrated this skill recently… “It was a dark and stormy night … I had to make several critical decisions, ..!” (Always “stay” in the role!”)

Note also that there may be multiple KSA’s in a single description – so make sure you try to address each key dimension as much as possible. One story may encompass several key dimensions and demonstrate to the rater that you have successfully demonstrated a relevant, transferrable skill. The more you can include specifics that are objective, measurable, and can be validated, the better. Remember, it’s all about your leadership abilities.


  1. ability to communicate the department’s vision and goals with enthusiasm/passion and demonstrate Department values;
  2. ability to create willingness to follow;
  3. ability to lead by example, especially in challenging times;
  4. ability to adapt management style to situation;
  5. ability to plan for implementation of change, identifies obstacles to change, and lead unit change efforts.
1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5
I have demonstrated these KSA’s as follows:

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 Supervision/Management: knowledge of supervisory practices, including methods of employee feedback, motivation, disciplinary matrix and progressive discipline;

  1. ability to reject mediocrity and consistently reinforce high standards/results;
  2. ability to set clear expectations of individuals and hold them accountable;
  3. ability to ensure that employees receive appropriate training.
1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5
I have demonstrated these KSA’s as follows:

 III. Operational Effectiveness: knowledge of ICS; knowledge of community oriented policing and current trends, challenges, and practices in law enforcement; knowledge of Department policies, procedures, rules and regulations, including officer safety issues; knowledge of local, state and federal laws, city and county codes and ordinances; knowledge of criminal investigative principles, practices, and techniques;

  1. ability to change tactics as needed while maintaining focus on overall mission and goals;
  2. ability to be aware of emerging problems and deal with them effectively and efficiently;
  3. ability to gather input and analyze the facts in a timely manner before making sound decisions
  4. ability to organize effectively.
1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5
I have demonstrated these KSA’s as follows:

 Personal Character/Interpersonal Skills:

  1. ability to be approachable and maintain a positive demeanor;
  2. ability to disseminate information, direction and decisions in a positive and supportive manner;
  3. ability to build lateral relationships effectively;
  4. ability to exhibit self confidence and communicate well under pressure;
  5. ability to run effective meetings.
1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5
I have demonstrated these KSA’s as follows:

Communication Skills: (Note: You may have to “reach” a bit to come up with examples where you’ve been able to excel or initiate action, change, etc., based on these skills)

  1. ability to prepare effective written communication using proper English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
  2. ability to communicate effectively, clearly and concisely verbally with subordinates and peers;
  3. ability to follow written and oral instructions;
  4. ability to ensure mutual understanding;
  5. ability to listen and encourage ideas and input from others;
  6. ability to ask appropriate questions.
1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5
I have demonstrated these KSA’s as follows:

Overall, I need to improve in the following areas:


 Overall, my main strengths are:


 After reviewing the KSA’s I feel I am: 

1=Low; 5=High 1 2 3 4 5

 Note: no one will see these but you! You don’t turn them in and you don’t have to “show them” to anyone. We just want to you have an honest appraisal of your “readiness.” RM