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We’re proud to add a link for Andrew Borrello’s site: PolicePromote – for Oral Interviews.

Oral Interview Dynamics Andy Borrello Cell: 951.532.6733 Email:

Andy has been conducting interview workshops for several years and has many success stories to share with you. Our theory is, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear…!  We are all ready to help you! Are YOU ready?

KSA Ltd. is pleased to offer links to other resources to help you achieve your successes!

Since many of the promotional process include some form of interviews (structured, panel, self-history, accomplishment survey’s, scenarios, etc.) we know that you may find many options to help you prepare for your interviews and assessment centers.  Please feel free to link to these resources directly… if you would, just mention that we referred you…


Rick Michelson, Director of KSA Ltd


Here’s a list of KSA Ltd., recommended references that may  be helpful to you!

“Every Officer a Leader” (New 3rd ed.) and “Transforming Leadership” in Police, Justice and Public Safety; by Terry Anderson, PhD,  John Welter, Marilyn Hamilton, John Ledoux, Gene Stephens, et al.


Both of these should be on your list of reading materials if you’re a serious candidate for promotion or want to enhance your supervisory or management skills.  Transforming or “Transformational” leaders are exceptional and are the ones who truly make a difference in any organization! See Terry’s site for info on coaching and leadership development.

“Leadership- Texas Hold ‘Em Style!” and

Using poker as analogy for leadership, Captain Andrew Harvey, CPD (ret.), Ed.D. and Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA found the right mix of practical experience and academic credentials to write a definitive book for leaders. Working together, Harvey and Foster have written Leadership: Texas Hold ‘Em Style. Most often leaders find they are given a set of resources people, equipment, funds, experience and a mission. As Foster noted, You are dealt a certain hand. How you play that hand as a leader determines your success.

“Painless Performance Evaluations,” by Marnie Green       

For a great book on how to prepare for, conduct and document your employee performance evaluations, you need this book in your personal library!

“Turnaround,” By William. Bratton, now LAPD’s chief, formerly from NY and Boston.

Much of the key to successful management is to put the right people in the right places (Jim Collins- “Good to Great,” ) who says successful management is getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats!”

Bratton’s book exemplifies this perfectly, as well as the innovative use of hand’s on management styles, getting buy in and ownership, and fighting crime from the bottom up, which embodied the use of COP/POP. The link to skills, abilities and …. relationships is a key component of success! Also, the issue of accountability is clear, and we are seeing this trend in policing as a result of Bratton’s book, the use of COMPSTAT and clear expectations about measurable objectives.

“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins

Management of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources” by Paul Hersey, Kenneth H.                   Blanchard, Dewey E. Johnson. Includes “Situational Leadership” 

  These are great resources for those on the supervisory and management path!


Community Oriented Policing (COPS)

A national database for all things related to COP

The Center for Problem Oriented Policing

Problem-oriented policing is designed to identify and remove the causes of recurring crime and disorder problems that harm communities. This is a sister site to the COP site, and both are full of data, training, resources, for the serious criminal justice student and aspiring police officer.

Communities & Crime Prevention

By Lawrence W. Sherman. Linked to the COP/POP processes, they are recipes for successful crime fighting, but the issue revolves around relationships and commitment for change.

COMPSTAT related issues

COMPSTAT is the Computerized system that William Bratton used to help successfully turn the tide of crime in New York, and is now being modeled worldwide. The application of technology in policing is the wave of the future, but it is not a panacea. These sites are related to crime analysis.

COPS Report: Crime Analysis in America – Findings and Recommendations

Product of the findings of a recent study that examined key aspects of crime analysis. In 2000, the University of South Alabama’s Center for Public Policy conducted an extensive study of crime analysis operations in American law enforcement agencies.

Department of Justice (DOJ,) Office Against Violence Against Women

A national site for research, statistics, and more on the issue of violence against women, particularly domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Studies

Research studies on the effects of mandatory arrests and other policy implications related to domestic violence cases.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Check out their library of publications and links!

Center for Police Leadership!

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

National Center for Women in Policing

National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE)

National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives

Police Executive Research Forum

Resource for law enforcement related research, particularly for policy issues and model programs.

Police Foundation

Great resource! For example; they have the full report on the Kansas City Patrol Experiment: this was a benchmark of the effectiveness of patrol.

Police Foundation, Study on Police and Civil Disorder. Issues

Research and topics related to riots and civil unrest.

National Institute of Justice

NIJ is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice and is dedicated to researching crime control and justice issues. NIJ provides objective, independent, evidence-based knowledge and tools to meet the challenges of crime and justice, particularly at the State and local levels

National Institute of Justice, “Batterer Intervention Programs

This is related to domestic violence and the issues of mitigating or preventing recidivism among those who batter their families.

Mapping Crime: Principle and Practice

This resource introduces the science of crime mapping to police officers, crime analysts, and other people interested in visualizing crime data through the medium of maps, such as in crime analysis.

Report for Police Managers

Demographic change and its implications for managers (with Crime Analysis and Mapping)

Law Enforcement Online (LEO)

LEO is a national interactive computer communications system and information service, an Intranet exclusively for the law enforcement community

Leadership, Supervision and Management Resources

Paul Hersey; Situational Leadership

Ken Blanchard

Servant Leadership : A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness

by Robert K. Greenleaf

The Josephson Institute of Ethics. “Character Counts” and the Six Pillars of Character”

Stephen R. Covey  Author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 8th Habit, Principle Centered Leadership,, First Things First, etc.

The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration

(formerly The Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute), one of the premier learning centers for law enforcement executives, managers and supervisors.

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