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Text: Assessment Centers for Public Safety (How to Ace Your Assessment Center) Includes Structured Interviews, Presentations, Role-Play scenarios, Subordinate Counseling, Meeting Management (Leaderless Group), and In-Basket exercises.


Rick is a contributing columnist for PoliceOne:

How to survive your first 100 days as a sergeant– Dec 9, 2020
This is a live performance and you are in a “starring” role – here are some tips for success

” I just finished reading the recent PoliceOne article titled “How to survive your first 100 days as a sergeant.” I would like to thank you for taking the time to write the article. All of the tips and advice were excellent! Although I am not a new sergeant, I tried to read your article through the lens of a new sergeant. There are several pieces of advice that I will make the time to build into my schedule. Thanks again and take care.”

Sergeant F. Parker, Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office 20 ways to NEVER get a police promotion– Feb 12, 2020
You need to start developing supervisory skills well before any testing process

1 way to improve a police officer’s promotion potential– Dec 12, 2019
Here’s a simple process that will enable you to be able to prove that you can successfully supervise anyone or anything

Why cops should pursue higher education– Mar 8, 2016
Earning a degree is what’s best for your organization, your community and your profession

So you want to become a cop: What you need to know– Mar 8, 2016
Becoming a police officer requires passing numerous mental and physical tests and can be one of the most rigorous and rewarding experiences a person can have

Why success stories are so important in police promotional interviews– Feb 12, 2015
During the promotional process, provide stories and examples for evaluators to remember you by, and don’t forget to say that you want the job, are ready for the job, and are looking forward to the job!

How to ace your oral board interview– Nov 13, 2014
Be careful not to interview for the job you currently have

Preparing Future Leaders – Succession Planning (2006) Police Chief Magazine

Assessment Centers for Public Safety, Law & Order Magazine

Assessment Centers for Fire Service

Article: Leadership Issues: Managing Change, Managing Despite the 3% at 50 Rules and Changing Generations; From Boomers to Nexters: What’s Next?


Assessing the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Management Practices Using Transformational Leadership Principles Juan I. Sandoval Texas State University-San Marcos, Dept. of Political Science, Public Administration Program