PoliceOne Webinar Advancing your rank: Promotional Interview and Assessment Center Testing Tips

We were pleased to be part of a Webinar hosted by PoliceOne, July 22, 2021. Rick Michelson, Director of KSA Ltd., and Andy Borello (PolicePromote!), were presenters in, “Advancing your rank: Promotional interview & assessment center testing tips.”

Rick and Andy have taught thousands of law enforcement professionals and helped them better prepare and be more competitive in their promotional testing efforts. The presentation focused on assessment center testing and promotional oral interview dynamics.  They offered insider tips and valuable insights to make your testing performance competitive and successful.

After viewing the webinar,  you will have the tools to:

  1. Know not just what to say, but also the techniques of how to say it;
  2. Identify great resources and methods of best practices preparation;
  3. Understand the nuts and bolts of assessment center testing.
  4. The on-demand webinar is now live on Police1.com and you can watch/share it here:
Rick is a contributing author to PoliceOne. Copies of his articles are available here: Rick Michelson, MPA (police1.com)