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Prepare for the JOB, not the test!

Since we’re starting to work on dates for 2020, there’s a couple of things that would help. First of all, is to consider when your testing dates are. Honestly, most officers only think about this type of class is when the job announcement comes out… Not a good tactic! The reason why is that the more successful candidates are also the one’s who are the most prepared, and have worked toward developing those skills for that next rank.

The first question in an interview is often, “Tell us about yourself,” or “What have you done to prepare yourself for the new rank.” Too often we see officers in their “mock” interview or presentations, tell us all about the roles they have had on the Department; Patrol, Traffic, SWAT, K-9, Investigations, etc. They are not telling us about the things they have done, (If anything) to really prepare themselves for the new job.

Typically, raters are really looking for the candidate who is the most “Ready” to step into that role. This means they’ve demonstrated most if not all, of the skill sets spelled out in the job description.

The second issue is to develop a study plan that includes “Hands on” practice, to build those skills: running a meeting, contingency planning, counseling those who may work under you, such as a trainee if you’re an FTO. By the way, FTO’s are virtually a mirror in many respects of a supervisor. That’s why those KSA’s are so important. Study plans should include a serious approach to your scheduling. And I don’t mean just reading P&P’s, etc. That’s ok for the written test but assessment centers are far more interactive.

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